Richard V. Swanson

Best Criminal Defense Attorney

​Criminal Defense Attorney Swanson attended California Southern Law School, where he received the scholastic achievement award in Criminal Law, Graduated in 1996 passed the California State bar in 1997.   Worked for the San Bernardino district Attorney’s office for approximately 6 months then opened his own private practice office.  He has chosen to devote his entire practice to criminal law defense.

Attorney Swanson works hard to find the right defense for each client.  The defense that can achieve the best results to eliminate or minimize the consequences for his clients.

Attorney Swanson has conducted over 50 criminal felony trials including 5 death penalty matters and 12 trials involving Murder or Attempted murder. Many of those being gang related.

We'll help you find your way.

​Attorney Swanson relates well to judges, other attorneys and district attorneys. This translates into better overall results for the client whether it is trial or a plea.

The United States Constitution was created to give rights to the People to protect them from the Government. My job is to protect the rights of my client to the fullest extent that is permitted by this Constitution.  My job is to protect my client from the Government. If I don’t protect my clients from the Government then those same rights given to all the people have little meaning,